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Tram Rail Replacement Works
Due to essential rail maintenance work, special replacement bus services will operate on the Purple and parts of the Blue Tram routes. This work is due to commence on Sunday 30 June and last for around 12 weeks.

Please visit for details of the replacement bus services and revised tram timetables.

Public Transport Map

To help you to find what you are looking for you can search the map by entering any of the following in the search box above:

  • a service number, for example, X78. This will show you the route of the service on the map.
  • a stop number, for example, 37023715. This will show you the stop on the map, the services that visit this stop and when they are leaving.

You can also search for Rail Stations, Transport Interchanges, Park & Ride sites, Airports, Local Areas, Roads, Hospitals and Places of Interest.

The map shows the area served by buses operating to/from South Yorkshire.

Clicking on an interactive icon will reveal further information and journey planning options.

For further information on the public transport map please refer to the help section above.

You can also download PDF copies of regional bus network maps and the Sheffield Supertram Network Map by clicking on the links below:

Click on the district names below to reveal a list of leisure walk routes. Select the name of a route to display the walk on the map, use the pop-up to journey plan or zoom in to reveal interactive bus stops and points of interest.

How to use the interactive public transport map

The interactive public transport map shows a geographic area which is centred on South Yorkshire. The map shows the area served by buses operating to, from and in the county. Bus and tram services that do not operate in any part of South Yorkshire are not shown. Searches can be performed on this site that will show bus or tram routes on the map. Other features such as bus stops, tram stops, rail stations and places of interest can also be searched for. How to do this is explained in detail below. Where available on the map, current departure times will be displayed by clicking on the bus and tram stops. Clicking on a train station contains a link to current arrival and departure times for rail services. Some map functions may not work correctly in older web browsers or on mobile devices.

Bus, tram routes and variations

Routes displayed on the map show all journeys for the selected bus or tram service. Some services may operate different routes throughout the day, please refer to the full timetable for details of these variations. The routes displayed on the map are those currently operated. Please see our future changes section for details of forthcoming service changes.

Hail & Ride

Some bus routes may have Hail & Ride sections on them, please refer to the full timetable for details.

Map window

The search results panel (located on the left of the map window) and the overview map (located in the lower right hand corner of the map window) can both be collapsed by clicking the ‘>>’ symbol.


When clicking on an item, use the left hand mouse button. If your mouse only has one button, please use this instead. You can move around the map by doing the following: Clicking on the navigation bar in the top left of the map window. Clicking and dragging in the main window. Clicking and dragging in the overview map, in the lower right hand corner of the main map window.


You can zoom in and out of the map by: Clicking + or - on the navigation bar, in the top left of the map window. Using the scroll wheel on your mouse. Holding down the shift key and selecting an area to zoom to by clicking and dragging with your mouse. Double clicking with your mouse.


To help you find what you are looking for, you can search the map by entering any of the following in the search box and pressing the on-screen enter button: Bus service number, for example X78. This will show the search result in the search results panel on the left. Clicking on the chosen bus service number in the search results panel will show that bus route on the map. Tram service name, for example Blue. This will show the search result in the search results panel on the left. Clicking on the chosen tram service name in the search results panel will show that tram route on the map. Local area name, for example, Meadowhead. This will zoom the map to the centre of this local area. Road name, for example, City Road. This will zoom the map to the centre of this road. Postcode or partial postcode, for example, S1 or S12BD. This will zoom the map to the centre of this postcode. Stop number, for example, 37023715. Transport interchange, for example, Sheffield Interchange. Airport, for example, Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffied. Rail station, for example, Mexborough Rail Station. Park & Ride site, for example, Middlewood Park & Ride. University or college, for example, Sheffield Hallam University. Hospital, for example, Rotherham General Hospital.

Interactive items

At certain zoom levels you can click on the following items with your mouse to get more information: Bus stops in South Yorkshire - clicking on a bus stop shows a list of services which depart from the stop and real time departure times. Bus stops outside of South Yorkshire - these will only be shown if bus services to or from South Yorkshire serve them. Other services that may serve these stops will not be displayed as they do not serve South Yorkshire. Real time information for these stops is not available. Places of interest – clicking on a place of interest will, in some cases, provide you with more information such as a link to another website.

Real time information

A list of live public transport departure times from the selected stop. The system uses satellite technology to track the location of the bus during its journey and knows exactly where the bus is on its route during the hours of operation. All services run by First Group and Stagecaoch are part of the system.

24hr clock

Throughout South Yorkshire our timetables use the 24 hour clock to avoid confusion between am and pm times. For Example: 9.00am is shown as 0900 2.15pm is shown as 1415 10.25pm is shown as 2225


PDF timetable leaflets may not be available for some services shown on the map. Travel South Yorkshire produce timetable leaflets for commercial services operating within South Yorkshire and some cross boundary services. We do not currently produce PDF timetables for school services.


You can easily print your map by clicking on the print icon in the top right of the map window, you can type notes in the Your Notes section of the print preview window before printing.

Journey planning

You can plan a journey from this map by clicking on any bus or tram stop or point of interest icon. Travel South Yorkshire has a wealth of travel tools and information available to help you plan your next journey by public transport. Please see our Journey planning section for more details.


Full bus timetables are available in PDF format. PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader here.


The map is updated inline with Ordnance Survey (OS) updates. We cannot accept responsibility for any errors in OS data.


We aim to provide information which is as accurate as possible. We cannot accept responsibility for errors, or for any service that does not operate to the times shown.

Key to symbols

Download our Public transport map key (PDF, 95Kb) for more information on the icons used on our interactive public transport map.

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